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Second (2nd) Avenue Streetscape Study

P.I. No. 0016424


On November 27, 2018, the Council of Columbus, Georgia voted to enter into a contractual agreement with the Georgia Department of Transportation to conduct a Streetscape study on Second (2nd) Avenue.

The project limits along 2nd Avenue start from the north at the intersection of Manchester Expressway and 2nd Avenue south to the intersection of

19th Street  / Talbatton Road and 2nd Avenue. 

The purpose of this study is to create a diverse and inclusive public space that promotes green resilient infrastructure, intensity driven development, increased mobility/accessibility and viable transit networks that are connected to other prominent local and regional access points and nodes. The study will be focused on transportation, streetscape character and wayfinding signage. The end goal is to develop a shared Vision to enhance the mobility and aesthetics of the 2nd Avenue corridor. The study should focus and analyze (6) six main objectives:

1.    Conceptual wayfinding and gateway design.
2.    Considerations for sustainable/resilient/green Infrastructure within the project corridor.
3.    Enhancement of current and future pedestrian activity nodes.
4.    Multi-modal functionality / Complete Streets. Facilities to be evaluated include; wider sidewalks, two-way cycle track, one-way cycle tracks, shared-use paths, bike lanes, and bike sharrows. Further, existing transit stop locations will be evaluated to determine if additional improvements shall be made.
5.    Through on-site observations and utilizing GIS data, the study will evaluate existing user accessibility and intensity to existing destinations along 2nd Avenue. A corridor/connectivity heat map will be used to demonstrate the intensity of uses.
6.    Traffic analysis of current road, sidewalks, and paths and how they affect vehicular, bike, pedestrian and public transit.

Please feel free to contact us regarding this study.

Columbus-Phenix City Transportation Study MPO

Department of Planning
420 10th Street
Columbus, Georgia 31902
Ph: (706) 225 - 3938

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